The Highways England Passport is Coming…

The introduction of the Highways England Passport Scheme has now been instigated. The Common Induction Training strives to establish an inclusive safety standard for all workers. This includes the Induction being achieved by more than 50,000 employees in the Highways England supply chain. The scheme ensures each employee gains a smart card which will make work ‘Safer, Smarter and Simpler‘. The deadline for completion of the Highways England Common Induction Training is April 2019.

Who is the Highways England Common Induction Training aimed at?

The Common Induction Training is for individual whom have access to Highways England sites. This comprises of any worker, supervisor, manager, delivery driver, office staff or visitor. A record of the successful completion of the training will be stored on your smart card. The site will scan your smart card using the latest technology allowing them to verify your credentials accurately and quickly. The course is a 1-day programme. A copy of your scanned smart card will also need to be uploaded onto your Fastlane profile.

What are the advantages of the Highways England Common Induction Training and the Smart Card?

All Highways England sites will entail all entrants to their sites to have completed The Common Induction Training and hold the smart card. Moreover, the card will improve several factors including entry times to sites, authenticating credentials and organisation of risks regarding employee fatigue.

Highways England state that a major advantage for employees is the storing of information and records on the card. This means that a card can last up to five years, which at present does not apply. The smart card will essentially deliver a one card system, thus making processes more straightforward and effective.