Great Scalability

Works smoothly even on older generation smartphone hardware due to our efforts invested in design and coding.

Increased Producivity

We’ve improved the Fastlane app with a precise mission to help partners and team members communicate and work together better.

New Features

The app’s release marks another milestone in TLS’ continuing efforts to provide new features that meet the evolving needs of our partners.

Continuous Updates

Don’t worry about future costs, download once and receive all app updates at no extra cost, using our cloud platform.

The Perfect App To Improve Your Productivity

We’ve updated the Fastlane app with a very precise mission which is to help both partners and TLS team members communicate and work together better.

We enjoy creating solutions that bring people together with the help of technology.

The Complete Geotagging Solution

The new Fastlane app uses innovative technology within the latest mobile devices to capture and share site photographs or video which are time/date stamped and geo-tagged. Contextual information can also be added to the images which are sent in real time to a securely hosted database.

The app is now available across a whole range of camera and GPS-equipped smartphone devices and gives partners the ability to capture photographs alongside an accurate GPS location and contextual data. The app will then automatically update the Fastlane database that stores the images, along with a time and date stamp, user identification and geographic information system (GIS) overlay, providing reliable evidence of the photo’s details.

The new Fastlane app was developed for better team collaboration and communication while enabling its users to focus on submitting timesheets and taking site pictures easily. Check out the video for a quick overview of its main features.

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